Windows Phone

Windows phone it is a relatively new, but already famous mobile and tablet’s OS from Microsoft. Due to well known “live-tiles” technology, along with multi-touch functionality, as well as user-friendly modern interface, Windows Phone apps are functional and nice.

Among especially experienced users (geeks) from all over the world, special love is dedicated to the Windows Phone applications.

Distinctions and Pros of the Windows Phone

Is there a vital necessity to order business application for OS Windows Phone? The answer is obvious: Certainly, Yes!”

This OS is characterized by a unique interface “Modern”, with the “live-tiles” It could show information without the user’s help or any interference from the humans part. Developed applications could establish, hold and maintain connections with clients, and all this system is tuned-up by a completely different interface. Business technologies are ready to raise client’s loyalty and are capable in client’s base extensions.

Usually, our customers take part in creating Windows Phone apps, along with our developers’ team. Each step takes a lot of attention, and each step is a hardworking process. We get paid proportionally on the efforts and time which we spend on the project. When we determine the strategy, we try to show our customers all options and all innovational methods of their order’s development, regardless is there is a service or an application, or both. We offer full cycle of services, thus as:

  • Making a project;
  • Application development;
  • Application launch.

Due to huge experience and deep knowledge our specialists take into consideration all what could be reasonably important. We specialize in developing news apps, service apps and internal corporative apps types. Beside this, we have a decent experience in developing e-commerce, e-shops for the WP platform. We are ready to make every wish of our valuable clients come true virtually.


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