System of Business Intelligence and reporting Pentaho provides users all the possibilities for a full analysis of the enterprise. Our company offers solutions based on the Pentaho system for building different types of reporting and analysis.

These software products consist of several components, and specialists of Mainsoft pick and finalize them according to your requirements. In every company a huge amount of information accumulates during the years of working. But it’s useless without analysis and don’t help in making the right decisions. Business intelligence systems allow to create accurate reports and forecasts quickly.

What problems are solved with the help of Pentaho?

  • Building of corporate financial statements based on various data. There is no needed in the data transfer system.
  • Carrying out OLAP-based analysis of data that was unloaded in the system. This analysis allows you to generate reports and forecasts instantly, using both the latest data, and archival information.
  • Creating reports in a concise form. Report Designer allows you to demonstrate the analysis in a convenient form of tables, graphs, charts, diagrams of various kinds. There is also the ability to embed maps for visualizing the regional business structure.


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