Our qualified specialists are able to realize even the most complicated projects using the modern technologies - Alfresco, EMC Documentum, Pentaho, Liferay, Adobe Flex/Flash/Air. Automatic systems based on these technologies can simplify the management of the company and provide many opportunities for analysis and communication. Here you can see what problems we can solve with the help of these technologies:

EMC Documentum is a range of solutions and decisions that provides possibilities for organizing and management of information. Programmes based on this technology help to solve problems of control for technical, organizational and financial records. We can also create customized systems for management contracts, payments and settlements.

Liferay - is a web-platform for implementation of corporate access to different information and applications in one place. In fact it’s a corporate portal, that provides shared access to various applications and documents.

Alfresco is the content management platform that allows to organize the electronic document management. You have the possibility to download unlimited files, choose access modes and editing modes. It’s perfect for archive storage company and creation of your own knowledge base. Alfresco gives many opportunities for collaboration - there are automatic systems for control contracts and other documents based on Alfresco.

Pentaho is a system for corporate reporting and business intelligence. It’s possible to build the analytical calculations based on the databases. It does not require pre-loading data into the system. The solution provides a wide range of visual presentation of information in the form of graphs, charts, etc. Our specialists are ready to customize the system and create individual solutions for deep analysis.

Adobe Flash/Flex/Air technologies for creation of mobile, on-line or off-line applications. These applications are able to solve a huge number of applied problems, making your work more and more comfortable.


iOS it’s a modern mobile operating system, which is widely used by the Apple Inc., as an OS in phones and tablets. Application development for this OS is the main task for a bunch of companies and services. This is obvious, because the market share of the iOS and Apple devices is constantly growing. Attractive design along with the wide range of features makes out of iOS a very efficient real business tool.

Android it is a modern and universal OS for the smart phones, tablets, e-books and other electronic devices. Market share of all devices shows that a part of Android devices in 2013 was 80%. Android apps are widely functional and suitable both for business purposes and for entertainment.

Windows phone it is a relatively new, but already famous mobile and tablet’s OS from Microsoft. Due to well known “live-tiles” technology, along with multi-touch functionality, as well as user-friendly modern interface, Windows Phone apps are functional and nice. 


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